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Shock and Awe in the Fall



Week 10 is in the books, the playoffs are coming and It is like a buffet of emotions to choose from or just indulge in a little of all of them. It’s exciting, it’s sad, it’s pure happiness, it’s scary, and it is amazing.¬†Week 11 will be the last week of the football regular season and there has been surprises, both good and bad.

Freedom (PW) is 7-2 from seemingly nowhere and have a deadly backfield combo of AJ Felton and Tyquan Brown (both underclassmen, so our sympathies to the teams on their 2017 schedule also). But they are hungry and focused on doing damage in the playoffs right now.

West Springfield is a shocking 1-8 seemingly from out of nowhere while having one of the best WR/QB combos in the state with Peter Muskett and Daniel Adu. These 2 are tremendous on and off the field and Northern Region coaches will rejoice at the prospect of not having to game plan for them in the coming years.

Lamont Atkins of Lake Braddock is great and that is not shocking, but his numbers are absolutely flabbergasting. He is averaging 13 yards a touch (rushing & receiving combined) and has 22 TDs on the ground. And that is all while starting at linebacker and limiting his offensive touches during the season. His Madden rating would be off the charts.

One that may be shocking to NoVa, except the fans in Arlington, is the ridiculous year that W-L QB Ricardo Mestre is having. This dude doesn’t run the ball at all, for good reason- he can and does sling it all over the place. He has thrown 5 or more TDs in multiple games this year and has 2,535 passing yards with 26 TDs… Yet, nobody, other than us of course, talks about him.

Speaking of great QB play, there is something in the water on the Fairfax Co. Parkway. Three schools off of the parkway and within about 14 miles of each other have QBs lighting up the region and taking 3 of the top 4 spots in the passing yards and touchdowns in NoVa. Tim Heltzel of Mount Vernon (2,223 yards & 24 TDs), Jack McDaniels of South County (2,284 yards & 29 TDs), and Jacob Keeney of Hayfield leads the way with 2,872 yards & 29 TDs… to go along with his 462 rushing yards & 10 TDs on the ground. If Hayfield has a deep playoff run, he may have 50 TDs, which is mind boggling.

Nevertheless, this has been a great season all over the area, with unpredictability and out-of-control games and outcomes . And as the regular season comes to a close, no matter who you root for– do yourselves a favor and get out to see games this week, because it may be your last opportunity to see this great class of 2017 as their HS careers come to a close.