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Spring 2016….. is almost over

5/28/2016 – 6/3/2016


What we learned last week at Rebel Run Sports:


Let’s start in Falls Church, where George Mason has been slaying the spring sports season all-around, but their 15-2 Girls’ Soccer Team won their 4th straight game, beating Lee-Staunton 3-0. In the game, Sophomore- Izzy Armstrong had all 3 goals, giving her 25 on the season. Dig deeper and you see that she sits in 3rd place in NoVA for goals scored, flanked by her teammates, Rebecca Crouch (28 goals) and Corinne Carson (24 goals) at the #2 and #4 spots. There must be something in the water in the City of Falls Church and frankly, we want some.

Park View Soccer’s Junior Forward, Obdulio Funez had a great week to say the least. This man not only helped his team win a Regional Title, but in the Semifinals and Finals he totaled 2 goals and 5 assists….. And his team scored 7 goals, so he literally had his stamp on all of them.

Woodgrove’s Sophomore Pitcher, Camryn Dolby just can’t stay out of the Weekly Wrap-up. Kills-Cam led the way to another Regional Title and along her way she pitched 3 games, 21 innings, gave up only 2 runs, collected and absolutely insane 48 strikeouts. That’s just… I mean… I’m done.

In State Lacrosse action- The Machine, Centreville Junior, Elizabeth Murphy was her normal, attacking-self, tallying 9 goals in an 18-12 win over Patriot. This season, she has scored an average of 6 goals per game for a total of 118 on the year…… The Machine.

The Dominion Guys’ Lax team… Well, they are still undefeated. In the regional Semifinals and Finals, they beat their opponents by a total of 30-11.

Side Note:  Dominion’s Senior Attack, Chris Low is a flat-out monster on the field. This dude was not about to leave Rock Ridge without a Regional Title on Thursday– he fired in 5 goals in the win, dominating stretches of that game. Don’t believe us, check the highlights– http://www.rebelrunsports.com/bldh-frsr6216/

In quite possibly the best game of the season, Robinson defeated Woodson 15-14 for the Regional Title in OT. There are not a whole lot of words for this game other than Epic, so we will just leave it here–  http://www.rebelrunsports.com/blwt-rrrf16/

In the What the, Who the, Why the!!!??? move of the year, the VHSL canceled the 3A/4A state finals for track and field through all completed events. We understand the weather reasons and concerns and we understand that the VHSL did not take the decision lightly and are attempting to reschedule the events. However, that does not lessen how much it crushes the remaining athletes that await the opportunity to be a state champ– so, were are sorry and we feel terrible for all of you.

Lastly, Good luck to everyone competing at States this week!!