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Derrick Hopkins (Woodbridge Basketball)


News Flash: Teams can’t win basketball games if they can’t score. Teams can’t score if they don’t have players that can score– Blahzay, blahzay, blah. Woodbridge doesn’t have to worry about any of that mess, because Derrick Hopkins can flat-out get buckets. 

The Vikings’ Wing is putting on a show in his Senior season and Colgan had a front row seat on Tuesday night as he dropped 24 points in a 62-53 Vikings’ win. A tremendous night for most, but that’s just what he does though- Hopkins is scoring right around 20 points per game this season and has nearly doubled his average from 2016-2017. 

Woodbridge has back-to-back wins as Hopkins has put in 20+ points, so opponents will be trying to keep him under 20…. Good luck, better you than me.