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Jason Dawson

When you sit down to talk to Jason Dawson, his passion for football and affinity for teaching boys how to be men flows from his pores like someone spilled him. Though, it’s not that…. No, it’s not JUST that, that makes him engaging to talk to. It’s the fact that he is a really, really smart guy. I mean close-to-completing-his-doctorate smart. Not to mention, he has a beard that would make James Harden jealous.
Dawson enters his 4th season as Head Coach at John Champe, which made a huge leap forward last year by going 8-4 overall. And he is very confident about his team going in to this season; a team led by a group of seniors who are the first class to complete all 4 years at Champe. But, we really wanted to talk to him about building a program from the beginning and what in his background enabled him to do it in a short amount of time.
Before we discussed team logistics, we wanted to find out where and how Coach Dawson began and developed his style and philosophy.